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BARE offers a personal development community and education program with a rebellious twist. It is a safe place for women and other minorities who feel disadvantaged by current work or personal networks to grow, and talk about barriers to their development without judgement.

No matter what your chosen goal is or why you started along your path in the first place, starting a personal development journey can be scary. You can feel vulnerable, unsure and like you are stepping out into the unknown completely naked. I want you to reclaim and reframe that feeling as a positive one. Bare, authentic you is awesome and ready to take on the world, ready to own your chosen direction, and where your experiences collected along the way are worth their weight in gold.

At times throughout my career I have felt isolated from mainstream career paths and through social bias felt my skillset was not relevant. I set up BARE to help those in a similar position realise just how awesome they are and cultivate opportunities for further growth. BARE is by the outsiders, for the outsiders. Whether you are new entrepreneur, returning to work or simply ready for your next career step, I have created this program so that you can enjoy learning and development in a safe and empowering space and smash your personal goals.

What do you mean a community and education programme?

The BARE Facebook group is where you can get community support. This is a safe place to be heard, discuss topics that are important to you, to support one another and to celebrate each others’ achievements and individuality. I will use the group to host live training sessions, share challenges and provide content to help you discover and smash your personal goals. The BARE community is YOUR community, so we ask you to be kind, inclusive and non-judgemental. People may have different views to you – and that’s great, we can all learn from a healthy respectful debate.

If you prefer your learning and development a little more hands on I will also be hosting virtual and face to face masterclasses. There will be workbooks and and action plans (yes you heard me, the perfect excuse to buy new stationary) to really get you moving towards your goals. Including a 6 session personal development programme for anyone that wants to improve their skills, become more confident and progress in their career.

So there you go, you have nothing to lose, head over to the Facebook group now to see what’s going on. Just make sure you introduce yourself by posting on the wall and telling everyone a bit about what you do and what you are looking for from the group.

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